From August, 2010

Hops at the NY Botanical Garden

During one of my Wednesday lunch trips to the New York Botanical Garden (a grounds ticket is free on Wednesdays),  I discovered that the hops I frequently visit had been marked with a plaque as part of the Edible Garden exhibit held at the garden during the summer. It indicated that hops, humulus lupulus, have been used in brewing for at least 1200 years for flavor and their preservative qualities. Luckily for me, these hops were just beginning to flower. – Giancarlo

Pretty Things St. Botolph’s Town

After trying Jack d’or by the Pretty Things beer and ale project and hearing Mike sing the praises of Pretty Things in general, I decided to pick up a bottle of St. Botolph’s Town at the Whole Foods Beer Room a couple of weeks ago. The bottle describes the brew as a rustic dark ale but their website describes it as a “Yorkshire-inspired … big malty brown ale.” The beer pours a deep dark brown with a light tan head. The aroma is toasty. The beer is very easy to drink with a smooth mouthfeel and medium body. The malt…