From March, 2011

Pondering the Reason for Brew Masters Cancellation

It’s common knowledge by now that Discovery Channel’s show Brew Masters, featuring Sam Calagione and his adventures with DogFish Head was cancelled before the sixth and final episode could be aired. Word also got around (first tweeted by Anthony Bourdain) that the series was cancelled because big beer threatened the Discovery Channel to pull their ads. As far as we have heard, Calagione and Dogfish Head have not confirmed or denied the reason for the cancellation and Discovery has blamed it on poor audience reception. Giancarlo and I have been talking a lot about this. Advertisers pull a lot of…

Goodbye Independent Goose Island

As many already know, it was announced this morning that Anheuser-Busch would be buying Goose Island for $38 million. While Sarah and I are definitely disappointed, we enjoyed a Matilda and a Fleur tonight remembering the great beers we’ve had from Goose Island over the past couple of years. There is disagreement among the beer community as to what the sale will mean for the craft beer world but there’s no doubt that a lot of people will be keeping close tabs. -Giancarlo

Strong Place

Ever since I read about Strong Place in the New York Times back in August I have wanted to go. Finally, seven months later, Sarah and I met our friend Alison there. The food was solid and the beer selection was great. The beer list had a wide variety with plenty of local choices. I started off with a Sixpoint TimeOut for a Porter which is a flavorful session porter. The “wow” moment of the night for me was when I ate my beef short-rib burger topped with maytag blue cheese while drinking Southampton Biere de Mars. The cheese and the…

KBS Update

After a false start on 3/15 in the KBS race, it turns out that NYC was not among the lucky cities to have KBS over the past week. According to the beer stores I’ve visited and now the Founders Blog, we should see KBS beginning 3/26 and bottles in stores starting on 4/2. -Giancarlo

Dogfish Head Black and Blue

Sarah and I continued trying Dogfish Head beers this weekend with Black and Blue that we picked up at Glen Cove Beer Distributor. It was a nice after-dinner drink with 10% ABV and a strong sweetness and aroma from the pureed black and blue berries used during fermentation. The sweetness was a bit much for us, but in a younger bottle, it may have been helped by more carbonation. Check out Dogfish Founder Sam Calagione’s short video on this brew:

The Search Continues for KBS

March 15 didn’t turn out to be the resounding success I had hoped. I envisioned myself strolling home with a couple bottles of Founders KBS after possibly enjoying a Kelso tasting at Bierkraft. Alas, it was not to be. Getting out of work after 6 p.m. certainly did not help my chances at nabbing a bottle of KBS. By the time I made it to Bierkraft, Kelly Taylor was wrapping up the tasting, which had apparently featured some delicious barrel aged beer. Unfortunately there were no bottles of KBS hiding for me on the shelves so I made my way…

KBS Release: Best Day Ever?

Those who have been reading BeerUnion during the past year know that we love Founders Brewing Company’s KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout). We were floored when we tasted last year’s KBS at the Long Island Spring Craft Beer Festival and have four bottles in our aging cabinet. After anxiously waiting months for the 2011 release, the distribution date finally arrived today. According to the Founders twitter account KBS should be in stores. Glen Cove Beer Distributor will give us a call when their shipment comes in and I will be making a stop at Brooklyn Beer and Soda on the way…

A rainy day escape, a craft beer epiphany

This past Sunday Giancarlo and I braved the crappy weather and spent the day in Manhattan. Because I hadn’t been there yet, one of our stops was Good Beer NYC, where we ducked in from the rain to browse the selection of beers and have a pint. Giancarlo enjoyed the recently released Dogfish Head Aprihop. Harpoon UFO was among the beers on tap and I couldn’t resist, which may surprise readers who know me as someone who pretty much exclusively drinks stouts and porters. My reasons for this were twofold. First and foremost, BeerUnion’s own Mike G. just got a…

Trader Joe’s Beer Selection

Sarah and I have been enjoying Trader Joe’s since we moved to Brooklyn but rarely buy beer there. I didn’t expect the beer selection to be good but I have to say that there is actually a decent variety. There are always a few beers from Rogue, Brooklyn, Anchor, Victory, and Samuel Smith. There is also a line of Trader Joe’s brand beer: vienna lager, dunkelweizen and bock among others. For noticeably cheaper than other beer stores I have recently picked up: Otter Creek Copper Ale Stockyard Oatmeal Stout (Stockyard is a TJ’s brand) Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale Anchor…

Quick Stop at Brooklyn Beer

Friday I made a quick stop at Brooklyn Beer and Soda on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights to try and replenish our depleted beer supply (our fridge only had a PBR tall boy). I picked up some Long Haul Session Ale from Two Brothers to hold on to for some warmer weather, the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Imperial Helles Bock (only 6.99!), and a growler of some Greenport Black Duck Porter for some local LI love. – Giancarlo