Go to Earl’s Beer and Cheese

Of course, you may already know about Earl’s because you were there tonight. Which, judging by the crowd, was all of you. So this is not so much a recommendation as a love letter. Because we cannot believe we had not been there before tonight (really, we’ve been meaning to go for months now, since we met one of the owners, Michael Cesari, at Cafe D’Alsace).

Earl’s was just rated by Draft Magazine as one America’s top beer bars. Tonight on tap was Bronx Pale Ale, Left Hand Wake up the Dead, Smutty Note Robust Porter, Cape Ann’s Navigator. Some of the selection of canned beers were Sixpoint Diesel and Sweet, 21st Amendment Bitter American and Allies Win the War.

We met Chris and Damian from the Bronx Brewery for drinks there earlier this evening and it was almost too packed to sit. Luckily, some people left and we were able to grab a seat at the long table. Pretty impressive for a Tuesday evening.

What really stood out to us was the food. We had, at Damian’s recommendation, the scallion pancake taco with radishes, cole slaw and spicy roasted pork shoulder (there were probably more components to it but we ate it too fast to remember). We also ate  the calabro mozzarella grilled cheese with miso mayo, potato chips and dill pickles on an english muffin. The food was so good we didn’t even talk to each other until we had finished except to say, “How’s yours? Mine’s delicious,” “Mine too.”

So, yea. Go to Earl’s Beer and Cheese.


  1. I didn’t finish reading before commenting because I was so excited to see those two words together — a la “champagne margarita.” Had I finished, I would have added: “The English muffin grilled cheese sounds as texturally satisfying and delicious now as it did last night!” Please don’t misread any of that as a part or whole of a euphemism.

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