Rodenbach Oak Series Vertical Tasting

Two of the most popular trends right now, oak aging and sour beer, combine in Rodenbach’s Vintage Oak Aged series. We picked up the 2007 and 2008 versions of the limited release for a mini vertical tasting (meaning we tried multiple vintages of the same beer side-by-side) this week and were surprised by what we found. Both beers had a delicious funkiness mingled with oak. The 2007 was more tart with layered fruity flavors like cherry and plum. The fruitiness of the 2007 was followed up by strong oak flavors in the aftertaste. The 2008 tartness was focused into more of a green apple sourness than dark fruits. The oak was more restrained and oddly allowed the earthiness of the beer to shine come through more.

The beers are limited release but shouldn’t bee too hard to get your hands on – we found ours at a Whole Foods. We have seen the beer in 2007, 2008, and 2009 versions in stores and hope that the series continues.


  1. Actually, all of Rodenbach’s beers see time in oak. What makes these special is they just pick beer from one particular cask. The rest of Rodenbach’s beers are blends, as most sours are. You take characteristics from one case and blend it with characteristics from another. It’s a need process. Each of the massive Foedres has its own personality and will develop the beer in different ways. So, the vintage bottles are a look at one specific personality.

  2. Rodenbach beer right out of the bottle is indeed sour and can turn off many who have had a “sour beer” for the first time. However, after the first sip it sat in its glass until we had chili. And boy does it tastes great as it compliments the food just perfectly.

    Seek to expand your beer tasting with food pairings. It will take you to yet another level.

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