BeerUnion Takes on the Good Beer Seal Bars

One of the best ways to get to know the beer scene in NYC is to visit the Good Beer Seal bars. As we’ve previously mentioned, the seal recognizes independently owned bars that have a focus on bringing craft beer and quality imports to the community. Since starting four years ago, the bars have organized July as Good Beer Month to promote each other and to hold special events.

We’ve decided to take on the challenge of going to each of the bars (there are now 40) by the end of July. We will use the next couple of weeks to start visiting them and begin posting about them on July 1. Crazy? Maybe. But you’re all invited to join us!

Each week, we’ll post a schedule of the bars that we’ll be going to. We’ll then be tweeting in real time @BeerUnion when we get there and when we move to our next spot. (We already went to Sunswick 35/35, Brouwerij Lane and Spuyten Duyvil – that was this week.)

Here’s where we’re going next week:

Monday, June 25: Blind Tiger/124 Rabbit Club (West Village)

Thursday, June 28:  George Keeley/Dive Bar (Upper West Side)

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