Barcade, Williamsburg

Up next in our Good Beer Seal bar series: Barcade in Williamsburg.

Barcade is one of our favorite bar concepts: arcade plus bar. How can you go wrong? You can indulge your inner child playing Paper Boy or Contra while you enjoy some serious craft beer. Upcoming events over the next month include Dogfish Head night, Flying Dog night.

It’s has never seemed too crowded when we’ve been there (even weekend nights) so you won’t have to fight to get your beer (or wait too long to play a game). Their beer menus are among the more helpful around with tasting notes included with each beer. The bartenders are great at finding you something that hits the spot even when the beer  you were craving isn’t on draft.

If you get a chance, play Tapper (unlike the other games, this one usually has a long wait time). Don’t be turned off by the Budweiser sponsorship, the game is super addicting and fun. The object of the game is to serve beer. Awesome, right?

Barcade is located at 388 Union Ave. in Williamsburg and is open from 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 2 p.m. Friday, noon Saturday and Sunday. Closest subways are the L to Lorimer L St. stop and the G to Metropolitan Ave.

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