BeerUnion on Beer Sessions Radio and a Giveaway!

We’re very excited to share with you that tomorrow we’re going to be on Beer Sessions Radio! It airs live at 5 p.m. on Heritage Radio Network, you can listen here. (If you can’t listen at 5, you’ll be able to after the fact.) We’ll be joining Marcus Burnett from Rockaway Brewing, Ed Berestecki from Mugs Ale House and Ryan Barker from Adobe Blues to chat with Jimmy Carbone.

We’re also excited to announce a giveaway, generously donated by Beer Table’s Justin Philips. Tomorrow we’ll be posting our Good Beer Seal recap, and to enter the giveaway, comment on the recap with your favorite Good Beer Seal bar and why. We’ll randomly pick a winner, who will receive:

A reservation for Beer Table’s “Family Meal,” which is dinner for 8 people valued at $200 (covering food, not drinks). Here’s the description, from Beer Table’s website:

This bountiful feast is available by reservation only each Wednesday evening (72 hours advance notice and confirmation required).  Reserve for a party of 4-8 people, and come hungry.  The set menu is $200 (regardless of party size) for food.  Please send an email to to request a reservation. Also, please note; due to the constraints of our tiny space and kitchen, we cannot accommodate substitutions or create vegetarian alternatives.

We’ll be running the giveaway starting tomorrow (when we post our Good Beer Seal recap post) through August 7, so comment away!

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