Brooklyn Brewery Partnership With Carlsberg Extends to Norway

The iconic Brooklyn Brewery seems to be taking the world (or at least Scandanavia) by storm. Last year, the brewery partnered with Danish brewery Carlsberg to open Nya Carnegiebryggeriet (New Carnegie) in Stockholm, Sweden. Now the two breweries are at it again, this time in Norway.

Brooklyn will build a new brewery in the existing E.C. Dahls building in Trondheim, with expected completion for summer of 2016. With New Carnegie, Brooklyn and Carlsberg created a new brand of beers. This time, the breweries will be reinvigorating an existing brand, one that has a strong regional following.

“It kind of reminds me of Yuengling,” says Brooklyn Brewery Founder Steve Hindy, of the E.C. Dahls pilsner. “In the sense that here you have a popular but very local, regional brand. We’ll maintain that brand. But we’re going to develop a whole craft lineup of beers.”

Says Brooklyn CEO Eric Ottaway: “We’re using the same playbook [as with New Carnegie]. What’s worked well for us here is that kind of grassroots ties to the community. We’re working with other like-minded people in the community to collectively build our respective brands… we like doing that, we like being part of the local scene, we like partnering with other creative people.”

According to the Brooklyn Brewery blog, E.C. Dahls was founded in 1856, and the new brewery will “blend American and Norwegian culinary cultures to create new beers that we’ll enjoy brewing and we believe Norwegian beer fans will enjoy drinking.”

Brooklyn Brewery President Robin Ottaway notes that the E.C. Dahls brand is incredibly strong in its local market. “It will be interesting to have to deal with an existing brand that’s very very popular but really only connects regionally,” he explained. “We’ll be preserving the old traditions that have been there since the late 1800’s and at the same time kind of joining the new world of craft beer.”


Images from the Brooklyn Brewery blog.

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