Some of our favorite (new) things

New York City’s beer scene is constantly changing. Every so often we take a moment to appreciate some of our favorite new happenings around the area. Here’s what we’re excited about right now:

1. Greenport Harbor in bottles – Long Island’s Greenport Harbor is (by our estimation) one of the best breweries in the state, but until this April, you could only get the beer on draft. Now the brewery is churning out bottles of brews like its flagship Harbor Ale and the popular Otherside IPA. The best part about this is that we can keep a supply of Black Duck Porter in our fridge. We suggest you do the same.

2. Transmitter‘s New York beers – Since releasing NY1 as a SMASH beer made with New York State hops and malt, the small Queens farmhouse brewery has gone back to local ingredients with their NY2, rare example of a Grissette.

3. Cans of Other HalfThe Carroll Gardens brewery started going portable with its surprise cans of Super Fun! and then the immensely popular Green Diamonds. Other Half Brewing Co has continued with cans focused on hop varieties like Citra and Nelson. Follow their Facebook Page for release announcements.

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