A few words about beer cocktails


Beer cocktails. It’s something we really need to talk about. We were invited to serve as judges for a Beer Cocktail Showdown, hosted by TableHoppingNY. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great evening. We had some great cocktails. But let me say this: if you put less than a tablespoon of beer into your already made cocktail, it is not a beer cocktail.

We tasted six cocktails, all from very good mixologists, who work at excellent spots around New York City. And we tasted some really delicious cocktails. (We very much enjoy cocktails, despite running a beer blog.) But is it really a beer cocktail if you can’t taste any beer in it? Sorry, but no.

I would almost go so far as to paraphrase a line from a fine film of our time and say, stop trying to make beer cocktails happen. They’re never going to happen.

But I won’t. Because there were a couple of bright spots. Two of the cocktails worked really well for us, not only as cocktails, but as beer cocktails

The mixologists who came up with the successful beer cocktails thought about the flavor of the beer. They chose ingredients that would compliment and enhance the beer’s flavor. They thought about how the beer tastes and made sure the flavors shone through. 

You guys, these mixologists had Brooklyn Brewery beers at their disposal. If I’m drinking Brooklyn beers, I want to taste those beers. At least subtly.

So here’s a plea to mixologists. If you’re going to make a beer cocktail, please don’t hide the flavor of the beer. I know you can make excellent cocktails. But do the beer proud.

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