Join us on a beer adventure!


Beers. Trivia. Travel.

Coming up on July 11, BeerUnion will team up with New York Adventure Club on a brewery trip up the Hudson, which will involve all three of the above. Join us as we start in Manhattan, head up to Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, then visit Rushing Duck Brewing Company, and finish the day at Newburgh Brewing Company.

When doing research for our book, Beer Lover’s New York, we discovered that the Hudson Valley is the most exciting and vibrant beer region of New York. There’s so much experimentation and passion among brewers, and, most importantly, there’s some really delicious beer.

You can purchase tickets for the event here. The cost is $80, you can use the promo code “Hudson” before July 3 to get $10 off. The tour will kick off at 10:30 a.m. and end at 7 p.m. The ticket price includes round trip transportation via private charter bus, three complimentary beers (one at each brewery), water and snacks for the bus ride. You’ll also enjoy some brewery tours and trivla.

While meals are not included, lunch and dinner can be purchased at Captain Lawrence and Newburgh.

We are so excited about this trip and hope you’ll join us. We’re also excited about our first collaboration with the New York Adventure Club, which was started by Corey William Schneider.  When he moved here four years ago, he noticed that every weekend he would be doign the same things. When friends came to visit and asked him what to do, he wouldnt know what to say. “I wanted to be an expert in something. I didn’t like when people came here to ask what to do, and I didn’t have an answer.”

His solution was to explore New York City, making a pact with himself to do something new every weekend. He would travel to a certain neighborhood and just explore.

“Fast foward three years its never ending,” he says. “That’s why this is the greatest city in the world… whatever you want the city has.”
What started as day trips with friends evolved into a Facebook group, which now has over 1,300 members. At the beginning he would buy some tickets, book tours of interesting places, and invite people to come along. Response was slow until Schneider published an article about his fledgling group, and all of a sudden he saw interest.

“It showed me that there were more people that were interested in this stuff,” he notes. He nurtured and grew the community, doing weekly events. He has organized happy hours, walking tours, private tours of historic buildings, and now a brewery trip. He hopes to soon turn his hobby into a profession.

“I’m always trying to expand into different channels. The group was founded on urban exploration or behind the scenes access. At the end of every event there’s a social gathering,” he continues. “Beer is a great way to bring people together and feel comfortable with each other.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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