Brooklyn Homebrew to Close

Brooklyn HomebrewIt has been a roller coaster type of year for beer in New York City. While new breweries, bars and shops open at an impressive and exciting rate, other spots that seemed unstoppable in years past have shut their doors. One of the few homebrew shops in the city, Brooklyn Homebrew, is slated to close at the end of this month. The shop was opened in 2009 by Danielle Cefaro and Benjamin Stutz, and was a go-to spot for brewing supplies, classes, or advice. The shop even helped host the popular Brewklyn Homebrewer’s Contest.

The pair cited the “grind of running a retail operation” and “the rising cost of doing business in NYC” as the chief reasons for the closure in an email newsletter announcement. While they initially hoped to sell the business to keep it open, they were unable to complete such a deal. The newsletter did not specify the exact date of closure but did promise to provide that information soon. Unlike the abrupt closure of Bierkraft which, though long-rumored, caught many by surprise, you can still stop by Brooklyn Homebrew one last time before the end of the month for supplies, a class, or to just say good-bye to this much-loved beer spot.

While Brooklyn Homebrew is closing, you can still get beer making supplies at Bitter and Esters, on Washington Avenue in Prospect Heights, and online through Brooklyn Brewshop.

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