Good Beer Seal Awards 2015

July Good Beer Month in NYC is drawing to a close. Wednesday evening at Jimmy’s No. 43, honors were bestowed on this year’s additions to the roster of Good Beer Seal bars. The Seal is used as a marker to indicate that a bar has great beer. One summer, not too long ago (three years ago) we went to all 42 Good Beer Seal bars during the month of July. At that point the bars were located in the 5 boroughs of NYC. Now they’re also in Westchester, Long Island and Jersey City. And there are over 60.

“This is a great beer community, I’m glad to see it’s come that far,” says Kelly Taylor, brewmaster at KelSo and president of the New York City Brewers Guild.

Bars given the Good Beer Seal in 2015 were:

  • BBDs: Beer, Burgers, Desserts – Long Island
  • The Bronx beer Hall inside the Arthur Ave Market – The Bronx 
  • Covenhoven – Brooklyn
  • Hops Hill – Brooklyn
  • Glorietta Baldy – Brooklyn
  • Beer Street – Brooklyn
  • Top Hops – Manhattan
  • Fools Gold – Manhattan
  • The Jeffrey – Manhattan  

Pictured here are some of the owners of the newest Good Beer Seal bars with Jimmy Carbone, far left.

Jimmy started the Good Beer Seal in 2009, as a program to identify bars that have a great selection of craft beer in a unique atmosphere, and are independently owned.

“We’re the Ultimate Publicans,” joked Jimmy, before handing out the awards. “I just made that up.”

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