September is Brooklyn Sour Beer Fest!

We’ve made it no secret that we LOVE sour beers. We gravitate towards this beer style, like moths to a flame. If sours are on tap, we order them. Berliner Weisse, Gueuze, Gose, Flemish Red… you name it, we drink it.

So when we heard that three Brooklyn (Brooklyn!) bars are holding a Sour Beer Fest for the whole month of September, we were like YES. We have missed two days already and I will never forgive myself (only partly kidding).

Park Slope mainstays Mission Dolores and The Owl Farm, along with Bar Great Harry, in the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area, are serving up sours all month long. Each bar also has a 10-day period where they’ll “pull out all the stops with six draft lines dedicated to specific styles of sour beer,” according to the website.

Here are the six styles:

Spontaneously Fermented (gueuze, lambics)
Lactobacillus Soured (berliner weiss, gose)
Barrel Soured (flemish reds and the like)
Mixed Fermentation (most american wild ales)
100% Brettanomyces Fermented
Oddities (sour beers that fit no category at all)

Here’s the schedule. Follow along on social media with the hashtag #BSBF.

Mission Dolores (pictured below) is located at 249 4th Ave in Park Slope. Closest subway is the R train at Union Street, but Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center isn’t too far of a walk. Bar Great Harry (also pictured below) is located at 280 Smith St. in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens. Closest subways are the F and G trains at Carroll Street. And The Owl Farm (pictured above) is located at 297 9th St. in South Park Slope. Closest subways are the F, G and R trains at 4th Ave-9th Street. Make a sour beer pub crawl out of this. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Mission Dolores

Bar Great Harry

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